Outdoor Area – Aircraft Exhibits

The ILA's large outdoor display area and static display allow aircraft of all sizes to be demonstrated.

Show your aircraft at ILA Berlin 2024:


  • Approx 80,000 m² outdoor area including static display
  • Prominently positioned and visible from afar
  • Selected individual flight demonstrations


ILA Plaza

ILA Plaza

  • An absolutely centrally located space, also extremely representative
  • Rental on a space basis in coordination with the sales team
  • individual space design with integration of your aircraft
  • Aircraft are only charged on the basis of space used
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Static Display

Outdoor Display

Outdoor Display

  • Presentation along the traffic routes between the halls and in the entrance area (West)
  • Selected areas in the apron area (ILA Plaza not included)
  • Possible set-up options for you include containers, pavilions, tents and your own stand structures
  • Electricity and water supply is possible at selected locations
static display

Static Display Area

Static Display Area

  • Aircraft (without add. presentation area) - B/A MTOW
  • Aircraft and add. fixed structures (tents, pavilions), B/A MTOW / m²
  • Aircraft on a dedicated area - B/A to m²
  • Single flight demonstrations possible upon request

Please note that the following types of costs may be applied for the exhibition of aircraft:


  • Landing and service fee
  • exhibition fee MTOW reference or square meter price
  • use-dependent costs for ground handling services (e.g. stairs, electricity)
  • use-dependent, flight operation costs (e.g. aviation fuel, cleaning)
  • use-dependent services of external providers (e.g. stand construction, barriers)

For the participation of an aircraft, a registration via the ILA team is always required.

Further flight operations details will be arranged by the Flight Operations Management. You will be contacted by the flight operations management once your registration has been completed.

Get in touch. We are looking forward to speaking to you.