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From rescue drones to the world’s largest airliner – aircraft at ILA 2024

  • Comprehensive range of civil and military aircraft
  • Flying displays with extended flying times
  • Highlights and ILA debuts: Do328 Uplift, Emirates A380, Lilium Jet, Airbus PioneerLab, F-35 flying display, Grille, A29-Super Tucano, A310 ZeroG

Be it the latest prototype of the Lilium eVTOL, the Do328 Uplift as a flying test bed for eco-friendly aviation technology, or the world’s largest airliner – from 5 to 9 June a comprehensive range of aircraft will be on display at ILA Berlin. Visitors can experience the fascination of flying both on the ground and in the air. Compared with ILA 2022 there is an increase in flying displays. Four 30-minute slots are scheduled daily for aerial shows, which are taking place parallel with flight operations at neighbouring BER Airport and offer the threefold ILA experience of innovation, new technology and sustainability.

Flying displays – experience high tech in the air
It is one of the world’s most effective and versatile fighter jets – and has been for the past 50 years. To mark its fiftieth anniversary, Airbus and the German Luftwaffe are presenting a Tornado in special colours which will debut at ILA Berlin in front of the general public – both on the ground and in the air. A Eurofighter, known for its agility and advanced avionics, will also be put through its paces in a flying display. Furthermore, an F-35 – one of the world’s most advanced fighter jets – will be in the air at ILA for the first time. With its stealth technology, it almost “ghosts“ through the sky. An A321 Airbus will also be demonstrating that airliners can fly tight and dynamic turns.

Another highlight will be a flypast of the Luftwaffe – with a Eurofighter, Tornado and A330 MRTT refuelling aircraft. Helicopters (NH-90, Eurocopter Tiger, Sikorsky CH-53), drones (Vector) and an ultra-lightweight electric Elektra Trainer are also part of the flying display programme.

Static display: from an Emirates A380 to Eurodrones
ILA’s static display provides a first-hand experience of the fascination of flight. Emirates, which operates the world’s largest fleet of A380s, is presenting an A380 with four cabin classes on all five days at ILA Berlin. Thus Emirates’ flagship is the largest aircraft at the show. The A380 on display features a newly upgraded four-class cabin configuration, including first-class private suites and 76 modernised reclining seats in the business class on the upper deck, as well as the Emirates premium economy class in the forward section of the main deck. Outside of Dubai the aircraft is only being displayed with this luxury upgrade in Berlin.

Also on show at ILA is an Airbus A321XLR – the latest addition to the A320 neo range of single-aisle aircraft. The A321XLR has a range of 8,700 km – equivalent to 11 hours non-stop from London to Vancouver. Consuming 30 per cent less fuel per passenger compared with the previous generation of aircraft, and producing less nitrogen oxide (Nox) emissions and noise, the A321XLR makes an important contribution to sustainable aviation.
Airbus Helicopters is displaying its PioneerLab – its new twin-engined technology demonstrator based on the H145 platform which complements the Airbus FlightLabs. Its purpose is to test technology for reducing helicopter emissions, increasing flight range and integrating bio-based materials. 
Among the military aviation innovations on display is the Grille. Dangerous situations are where the Avilus MEDEVAC drone excels, a revolutionary provider of emergency assistance which can accurately locate injured persons in inaccessible regions and supply first aid. As such it represents a novel approach to safeguarding service personnel.

The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer is at ILA for the first time and displaying its A29-Super Tucano – a light attack aircraft which is already in service in 16 countries. In contrast, the Boeing E-3A Sentry (AWACS) is an airborne early warning and control aircraft. With its distinctive fuselage-mounted rotating radar dome, it provides comprehensive surveillance, detection and communications for controlling and supporting airborne operations worldwide. 

ILA is Europe’s largest aerospace show – which is why space flight is an indispensable part of the static display. Among the highlights on the open weekend will be an Airbus A310 Air Zero G. The aircraft features special equipment by Novespace from France and is employed by the German Aerospace Center. The pilots will perform an unusual manoeuvre by tracing a parabola-shaped flight path. Commencing in horizontal flight, the aircraft will climb steeply upwards, then throttle back its engines, with the remaining thrust pushing it first upwards and then “dropping“ it after reaching the parabola’s apex, thereby producing zero gravity for 22 seconds. This timespan is made use of by researchers to conduct experiments. The manoeuvre produces gravitational effects similar to those on the moon or Mars.

Other aircraft on the static display include UAVs (e.g. Elbit, AAI RQ-7 Shadow), drones (Eurodrone and Loyal Wingman by Airbus), helicopters (e.g. CH-53, NH-90, Eurocopter Tiger), transport aircraft (Airbus A400M, Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III) and passenger aircraft (e.g. Bombardier Global 6000 Express).

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